cDNA Plate Arrays from RNA

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  Human NFkB-Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-0101
  Human HIF-Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-0111
  Human Apoptosis cDNA Plate Array I AP-0121
  Human p53-Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-0141
  Human Stat3-Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-0151
  Human Akt Pathway cDNA Plate Array AP-0161
  Human Wnt/b-Catenin Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-0171
  Human Stem Cell cDNA Marker Plate Array AP-0181
  Human T Cell Receptor Signaling cDNA Plate Array AP-0191
  Human PPAR gamma Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-0201
  Human P450 cDNA Plate Array AP-0202
  Human Toxicity cDNA Plate Array AP-0203
  Human Cytokine cDNA Plate Array AP-0204
  Mouse NFkB-Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-1101
  Mouse HIF-Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-1111
  Mouse Inflammation cDNA Plate Array AP-1131
  Mouse Cytokine cDNA Plate Array AP-1141
  Mouse Wnt/b-Catenin Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-1171
  Rat HIF-regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-1121
  Rat PPAR gamma Regulated cDNA Plate Array AP-1161
  Rat P450 cDNA plate Array AP-1181

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