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List of buffers and other components for miRNA assays, ELISA, PCR, and TF assays:

 Annealing Buffer  1.5 ml CAB001
5X Assay Wash Buffer 40 ml AWB001  
Bead Wash Buffer 8 ml CBW001  
Beads Binding Buffer 600 μl CBB001  
Blocking Buffer 60 ml CBB101  
Cancer MiRNA Array Membrane 1 CAM003  
Cancer MiRNA Array Refil Kit 1 AP1003  
Cancer Mix III 15 μl COM003  
15% Denature Gel 2 NBDG01  
5X Detection Wash Buffer 40 ml CDW001  
Detection Sheet (EMSA) 2 sheets GSDS001
1X Diluent Buffer 40 ml DB001  
Elution Buffer 200 µl EB001  
Filter Binding Buffer 1.5 ml FBB001  
Filter Wash Buffer 5 ml FWB001  
Human MiRNA Array I Membrane 1 CAM001  
Human MiRNA Array II Membrane 1 CAM002  
Human MiRNA Array I Refil Kit 1 AP1001  
Human MiRNA Array II Refil Kit 1 AP1002  
1X Hybridization Buffer for cDNA Plate Assay 30 ml CHB01  
5X Hybridization Wash Buffer for cDNA Plate Assay 30 ml CHW001  
Labeling Mix 60 μl CLM001  
Ligation Buffer 1.4 ml LB001  
Firely Luciferase Substrate 15 ml LUC015  
Firely Luciferase Substrate 100 ml LUC100  
Firely Luciferase Lysis Buffer 10 ml LUC003  
miRNA qPCR Primer 20 µl QPP001  
Molecular Markers (20nt & 60nt) 30 µl NBMM001  
1X NB Hybridization Buffer for NB Assay 35 ml NBHB01  
5X NB Hyb Wash Buffer for NB Assay 40 ml NBHW01  
NB Membranes 2 NBM01  
Nuclear Extraction Buffer I  5 ml  NEB I  
Nuclear Extraction Buffer II 3 ml NEB II  
Oligo Mix I 15 μl COM001  
Oligo Mix II 15 μl COM002  
Plate Hybridization Buffer 15 ml PHB001  
Stop Solution(2N H2SO4) 5 ml SS001  
Streptavidin Magnetic Beads 15 μl CSB001  
Streptavidin-HRP Conjugate 50 μl CSH001  
Substrate A for Membranes 1.8 ml CAS001  
Substrate B for Membranes 1.8 ml CBS001  
Substrate A for Plate 1 ml SAP001  
Substrate B for Plate 1 ml SBP001  
Substrate Dilution Buffer 8 ml SDB002  
Substrate for ELISA 10 ml SUBE001  
SYBR Green cDNA PCR Master Mix 2 ml SGM002  
SYBR Green miRNA PCR Master Mix 2 ml SGM001  
TF Binding Buffer Mix 30 µl TBB001  
TF Plate Hybridization Buffer 10 ml TPHB001  
TF Probe Mix 10 µl TPM001