Magnetic Based Snapshot ChIP Assay

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The different gene expression depends not only on the binding of specific transcription factors (TFs) to discrete promoter elements but also on expression and interaction of co-activators with its associated TFs.  The interactive cofactor complexes allow the functional integration of multiple TFs and pathways facilitating the formation of distinct biological programs.  Unlike electrophoretic mobility shift assays detecting the binding of specific TFs present in cell lysates to DNA sequences in vitro, chromatin immunoprecipitation (Chip) assay is enable the analysis of the association of a specific TF or co-factor with specific promoters in vivo and provides a snapshot of how a regulatory TF or co-factor affects the expression of a single gene or a variety of genes at the same time.  With several improvements, Signosis' Chip assay is able to efficiently measure the interaction of a specific TF or associated cofactor with target promoters.



  • Dual Cross Linking - Cross linking of transcription factors and associated co-factors on target promoters
  • High Reproducibility - Controllable MNase digestion for DNA fragmentation instead of sonication
  • High Specificity - The cross-linked protein-DNA complexes are subsequently pulled down by a specific antibody and ChIP grade protein A/G magnetic beads
  • Simple ProcedureUse one step Chelex-100 treatment to release cross-linked DNA instead of tedious proteinase K digestion and column purification
  • Convenience - Kit comes with everything you will need to perform the assay, including crosslinkers and enzyme

ChIP Assay Products
Snapshot ChIP Assay
     OCT4 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0101
NRF2 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0102
     HDAC1 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0103
SMAD Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0104
     STAT3 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0105
NFkB Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0106
     HIF Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0107
H3 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0108
     p300 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0109
p53 Snapshot ChIP Assay CA-0110