Microplate Based Snapshot ChIP Assay

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Different gene expression depends not only on the binding of specific transcription factors (TFs) to discrete promoter elements but also on expression and interaction of co-activators with its associated TFs.  The interactive cofactor complexes allow the functional integration of multiple TFs and pathways facilitating the formation of distinct biological programs.  Unlike electrophoretic mobility shift assays detecting the binding of specific TFs present in cell lysates to DNA sequences in  vitro, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay is enable the analysis of the association of a specific TF or co-factor with specific promoters in vivo and provides a snapshot of how a regulatory TF or co-factor affects the expression of a single gene or a variety of genes at the same time. 


To simplify the ChIP assay in a high throughput method, Signosis has developed a 96-well microplate-based ChIP assay, where all of steps from IP to DNA elution are handled in microplate wells without sample transfers in an high throughput way. The assay is an ideal tool for studying up to 96 protein-DNA bindings in one sample or one protein-DNA binding in up to 96 samples, or multiple protein-DNA bindings in multiple samples/treatments.


Click here to learn more about the differences between the microplate-based and tube-based ChIP assays.




  • High Throughput - 96 ChIP experiments can be performed simultaneously in one microplate like ELISA
  • High Efficiency  - All steps from IP to DNA elution are done in a single well, including crosslinking and fragmentation without  transfering samples
  • High Reproducibility - Plate-based ChIP assay eliminates errors introduced from conventional multiple bead collection , wash and elution steps.
  • Affordable - More economical per reaction than conventional ChIP assay.




Microplate ChIP Assay Products
Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0001S
      OCT4 Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0101S
NRF2 Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0102S
      HDAC1 Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0103S
SMAD Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0104S
      STAT3 Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0105S
NFkB Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0106S
      HIF Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0107S
H3 Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0108S
      p300 MicroplateSnapshot ChIP Assay CP-0109S
p53 Microplate Snapshot ChIP Assay CP-0110S
      Custom Snapshot ChIP Assay Combination Strips
Control Primer Pairs for ChIP Assays