Myc Tagged Expression Vectors

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Nuclear receptors affect a wide variety of functions, including fatty acid metabolism, development, and homeostasis. These proteins act as intracellular transcription factors that directly regulate gene expression in response to ligands by binding to specific sequence elements within the promoters of target genes, or by interaction with other proteins, such as other transcription factors. Signosis provides 24 CMV expression vectors with myc tag for the complete set of nuclear receptors, including PPARalpha, PPARgamma1, PPARgamma2 and RXRalpha, which can be used for the co-immunoprecipitation of protein-protein interactions with highly specific antibodies against myc tag.

  • Functional assay - The vectors can be used for cell-based assays to monitor the functions of nuclear receptors.
  • Co-immunoprecipitation - Myc tagged protein can be immunoprecipiated with a high specific myc tag antibody.

List of Applicable Myc-Tag NHR Expression Vectors:

AHR NE-0001 GR NE-0006 PPARα NE-0011 RARA NE-0016 SHP (NR0B2) NE-0021
CAR (NR1I3) NE-0002 HNF4A NE-0007 PPARβ NE-0012 RARB NE-0017 THRA NE-0022
COUPTFII (NR2F2) NE-0003 HNF4G NE-0008 PPARγ1 NE-0013 RARG NE-0018 THRB NE-0023
ERA (ESR1) NE-0004 LHR (NR5A2) NE-0009 PPARγ2 NE-0014 RXRA NE-0019 VDR NE-0024
ERR (ESRRA) NE-0005 LXRA (NR1H3) NE-0010 PXR (NR1I2) NE-0015 RXRB NE-0020