Signosis Luciferase Substrate

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Signosis has developed Firefly Luciferase Substrate for detecting firefly luciferase activity in both bacteria and mammalian cells and our luciferase reporter product lines, including stable cell lines, TF reporter plasmids, and our Bac-In reporter systems, as well as third-parties firefly reporters in the market.  This affordable and cost-effective reagent produces a strong light signal that is comparable to competitors' substrates.


 Product Name Amount Catalog #
 Firely Luciferase Substrate 15 ml LUC015
 Firely Luciferase Substrate 100 ml LUC100  
 Firely Luciferase Cell Lysis Buffer 5X 10 ml LS-001  
Benefits (Substrate):
  • High signal and responsive - Produces strong and stable light signal.
  • Economical - Less than $0.40 per reaction.
  • Compatible - Works with all Signosis luciferase products and third-party firefly luciferase systems.


Benefits (Buffer):
  • Easy to use