TF Luciferase Reporter Vectors

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pTF-Luc reporter vectors are a series of firefly luciferase-based reporter constructs for quantitative measurement of the activities of transcription factors (TFs) in cells. Each vector contains a cis-element (DNA binding sequence), a minimal promoter, and firefly luciferase gene. When a TF is activated, it binds to cis-element and results in induction of luciferase gene expression. Therefore, luciferase activity represents the activity of the TF.


  • Functional assay Monitor the transactivation of transcription factors in cells.
  • Quantitative analysis - Determine TF activation by quantitative measurement of  luciferase activity.
  • Stable cell lines The vectors can be used for establishing stable cells expressing the reporters. 

List of Luciferase Reporter Vectors available:

pAP1-Luc LR-2006 pE2F-Luc LR-2031 pFOXC1-Luc
pHIF-Luc LR-2002 pMEF2-Luc LR-2055 pNRF1-Luc LR-2062 pPax8-Luc LR-2069 pSMAD-Luc LR-2017 pSTAT1-Luc LR-2003 pTR-Luc LR-2073
pAR-Luc LR-2105 pE47-Luc LR-2032 pFOXD1-Luc
pHNF1a-Luc LR-2039 pMEF3-Luc LR-2056 pNRF2/ARE-Luc LR-2106 pPbx1-Luc LR-2042 pSOX10-Luc LR-2086 pSTAT3-Luc LR-2004 pUSF1-Luc LR-2074
pBRN3-Luc LR-2021 pEGR-Luc LR-2033 pFOXF2-Luc
pHNF3-Luc LR-2040 pMyc-Luc LR-2018 pOct1-Luc LR-2063 pPit1-Luc LR-2043 pSOX17-Luc LR-2087 pSTAT4-Luc LR-2005 pVDR-Luc LR-2075
pC/EBP-Luc LR-2022 pEKLF-Luc LR-2034 pFOXI1-Luc
pHOXA5-Luc LR-2104 pNANOG-Luc LR-2050 pOCT4-Luc LR-2049 pPR-Luc LR-2014 pSOX18-Luc LR-2088  pStat5-Luc LR-2072 pV-MAF-Luc LR-2076
pCBF-Luc LR-2023 pELK1-Luc LR-2061 pFOXO3-Luc
pHOXC4-Luc LR-2010 pNF-1-Luc LR-2059 pP53-Luc LR-2041 pProx1-Luc LR-2082 pSOX2-Luc  LR-2089 pTAL1/TCF3-Luc LR-2092 pWT1-Luc LR-2077
pCDP-Luc LR-2024 pER-Luc LR-2011 pFREAC-Luc LR-2038 pHSF-Luc LR-2009 pNFAT-Luc LR-2015 pPax2-Luc LR-2064 pPur-1-Luc LR-2044 pSOX5-Luc LR-2090 pTAX/CRE-Luc LR-2046 pXBP1-Luc LR-2078
pCdxa/nkx2-Luc LR-2025 pETS-Luc LR-2035 pGAS/ISRE-Luc LR-2016 pIRF-Luc LR-2020 pNFE2-Luc LR-2060 pPax3-Luc LR-2065 pRAR-Luc LR-2013 pSOX9-Luc LR-2091 pTCF/LEF-Luc LR-2047 pYY1-Luc LR-2019
pc-myb-Luc LR-2028 pFAST-1-Luc LR-2036 pGATA-Luc LR-2103 pPLAG1-Luc LR-2081 pNFkB-Luc LR-2001 pPax4-Luc LR-2066  pRREB1-Luc LR-2084 pSP1-Luc LR-2007 pTEAD1-Luc  LR-2093 pCBF/NICD-Luc
pCoup-TF-Luc LR-2029 pFKHR-Luc LR-2037 pGli1-Luc LR-2095 pLEF1-Luc LR-2053 pNkx2-5-Luc  LR-2057 pPax5-Luc LR-2067 pRUNX1-Luc LR-2085 pSRF-Luc LR-2071 pTFAP2A-Luc  LR-2094  TA-Luc Control LR-2200
pCREB-Luc LR-2008 pFOXA1-Luc  LR-2096 pGR-Luc LR-2012 pMEF1-Luc LR-2054 pNkx3-2-Luc  LR-2058 pPax6-Luc LR-2068 pRXR-Luc LR-2070 pSRY-Luc LR-2045 pTFE3-Luc LR-2048  


Firefly Luciferase SubstrateFor use with the reporter vectors.

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