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Tet-OFF Control Overexpression MCF7 Cell Line (Non-Profit) EL-012-NP
Tet-OFF Control Overexpression MCF7 Cell Line (Profit) EL-012-FP
Notch ICD Tet-OFF Overexpression MCF7 Cell Line (Non-Profit) EL-013-NP
Notch ICD Tet-OFF Overexpression MCF7 Cell Line (Profit) EL-013-FP


Notch signaling is multifaceted and regulates diverse aspects of cell differentiation, tissue development and renewal of many different cell types.  Ligand binding to extracellular Notch domain induces proteolytic cleavage of Notch, where the Notch intracellular domain (NICD) translocates to the nucleus to mediate gene expression.  NICD alone cannot bind to DNA and interacts with other transcription factors and co-factors, such as CSL, to modify gene expression.  Importantly, Notch signaling is controlled in a stoichiometric manner as the Notch signals are not amplified.  Accordingly, dysregulation of Notch signaling is found is many cancers, developmental syndromes, and neurological disorders.  Signosis has NICD under tet-regulator, where the presence of doxycycline turns off NICD overexpression in MCF7 cells and the removal of doxycycline will turn on NICD expression.



  • Broad applications - Stably express Notch ICD for studying notch signaling pathway and a wide variety of biological areas.
  • Controllable expression The Notch ICD expression is under Tet-OFF regulation so you can turn off/on Notch expression.  We also have Tet-OFF control cells.
  • Consistent - Exogenous gene is stably integrated into the genome to avoid experimental/cell-to-cell variations.
  • Time saving - Cell line can be used for experiments right away to study different signaling pathways.
  • Transfect with pCBF/NICD-Luc vector and use luciferase as readout for NICD activity.