miRNA Northern Blot Assays

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The functions of small RNAs are becoming increasingly recognized as regulatory molecules with the potential to transmit information between cells, organisms and species. Small RNAs are usually <200 nt (nucleotide) in length, and non-coding RNA molecules. The well-studied functions of these small RNAs are RNA interference (RNAi), including endogenously expressed microRNA (miRNA) or exogenously derived small interfering RNA (siRNA) induces the degradation of complementary messenger RNA and regulate gene expression.  Other classes of small RNA have been identified, including piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA) and small nucleolar RNA (snoRNAs), the biological functions of which require being further investigated.  Signosis developed Custom Small RNA Northern Blot Kits to detect the expression of small RNA(18nt-200nt). The non-radioactive northern blot assay kits containing everything you, and the procedure is simpler than Western blotting.

  • No Isotope required Safe method of detection using chemiluminescence.
    • No probe preparation Pre-labeled biotin probes included in each kit.
    • All components in one kitEverything needed to easily perform the assay is included.
    • Simple procedure No miRNA isolation required, total RNA can be used directly.

miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit NB-0001

Expression of miRNAs is highly regulated and tissue-specific. Many of miRNAs are differentially expressed in human cancers. Microarray profiling of miRNA expression leads to identification of differentially expressed miRNA in cancers. MiRNA expression, tissue distribution, and microarray data validation often need northern blot analysis, with which the difference can be directly visualized, mature miRNA differentiated from its precursor, and the expression level of miRNA compared with internal controls such as U6 RNA. Signosis' miRNA northern blot assay kits include pre-labeled probes, is non-radioactive and the procedure is simpler than Western blotting.

To do the assay, you need the miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit and probes for specific miRNAs.

List of miRNA probes available:

let-7a-5p MP-0001 miR-21-5p MP-0014 miR-93-5p MP-0027 miR-131 MP-0043 miR-151-3p MP-0060 miR-194-5p MP-0075 miR-216-5p MP-0092 miR-373-5p MP-0105
let-7b-5p MP-0521 miR-22-3p MP-0015 miR-95-3p MP-0028 miR-132-3p MP-0044 miR-153-3p MP-0061 miR-195-5p MP-0076 miR-218-5p MP-0093 miR-375 MP-0106
let-7c-5p MP-0003 miR-23a-3p MP-0016 miR-96-5p MP-0545 miR-133a-3p MP-0045 miR-152-3p MP-0078 miR-196a-5p MP-0098 miR-219 MP-0094 miR-488-5p MP-0107
let-7d-5p MP-0524 miR-24-3p MP-0017 miR-98-5p MP-0603 miR-133b MP-0046 miR-154-5p MP-0062 miR-196b-5p MP-0531 miR-221-3p MP-0095 miR-489-3p MP-0607
let-7e-5p MP-0522 miR-25-3p MP-0018 miR-99a-5p MP-0029 miR-134-5p MP-0047 miR-155-5p MP-0063 miR-197-3p MP-0078 miR-222-3p MP-0096 miR-497-5p MP-0501
let-7f-5p MP-0525 miR-26a-5p MP-0019 miR-100-5p MP-0534 miR-135b-5p MP-0048 miR-181a-5p MP-0064 miR-198 MP-0079 miR-223-3p MP-0507 miR-499-5p MP-0502
let-7g-5p MP-0526 miR-27a-3p MP-0020 miR-101-3p MP-0031 miR-136-5pMP-0053 miR-181b-5p MP-0082 miR-199a-5p MP-0081 miR-224-5p MP-0098 miR-507 MP-0503
let-7i-5p MP-0527 miR-27b-3p MP-0601 miR-103-3p MP-0032 miR-137 MP-0049 miR-181c-5p MP-0065 miR-199a*-3p MP-0080 miR-296-5p MP-0100 miR-539 MP-0608
miR-1 MP-0002 miR-28-5p MP-0021 miR-105-5p MP-0604 miR-140-5p MP-0050 miR-181d-5p MP-0066 miR-199b-5p MP-0082 miR-299-5p MP-0605 miR-586 MP-0609
miR-7-5p MP-0010 miR-29a-3p MP-0028 miR-106a-5p MP-0033 miR-141-3p MP-0051 miR-182-5p MP-0067 miR-200a-3p MP-0083 miR-328-3p MP-0606 miR-609 MP-0508
miR-9-5p MP-0004 miR-29b-3p MP-0528 miR-106b-5p MP-0034 miR-142-3p MP-0052 miR-183-5p MP-0068 miR-200c-3p MP-0532 miR-329 MP-0101 miR-690 MP-0610
miR-10a-5p MP-0006 miR-29c-3p MP-0529 miR-107 MP-0035 miR-142-5p MP-0536 miR-184 MP-0540 miR-202-5p MP-0084 miR-337-3p MP-0541 miR-709 MP-0611
miR-10b-5p MP-0600 miR-30a-3p MP-0023 miR-122a-5p MP-0036 miR-143-3p MP-0054 miR-185-5p MP-0069 miR-203a MP-0085 miR-338 MP-0542 miR-720 MP-0506
miR-15a-5p MP-0007 miR-30a-5p MP-0005 miR-124a-3p MP-0037 miR-144-3p MP-0538 miR-186-5p MP-0070 miR-204-5p MP-0086 miR-342-3p MP-0102 miR-760 MP-0509
miR-16-5p MP-0008 miR-30b-5p MP-0024 miR-125a-5p MP-0038 miR-145-5p MP-0055 miR-188-5p MP-0071 miR-205-5p MP-0087 miR-345-5p MP-0543  
miR-17-3p MP-0009 miR-30c-5p MP-0030 miR-125b-5p MP-0039 miR-146a-5p MP-0056 miR-190-5p MP-0072 miR-206 MP-0088 miR-376c-3p (miR-368) MP-0533 U6 MP-0512
miR-17-5p MP-0010 miR-31-5p MP-0537 miR-126-3p MP-0052 miR-146b-5p MP-0071 miR-191-5p MP-0073 miR-210-3p MP-0089 miR-369-3p MP-0504 sno234 MP-0510
miR-18a-5p MP-0017 miR-34a-5p MP-0602 miR-127-5p MP-0535 miR-148a-3p MP-0073 miR-192-5p MP-0093 miR-213 (miR-181a-3p) MP-0200 miR-369-5p MP-0505 RNU48 MP-0511
miR-19a-3p MP-0012 miR-92-3p MP-0025 miR-128a-3p MP-0041 miR-149-5p MP-0058 miR-193a-3p MP-0546 miR-214-3p MP-0090 miR-371a-3p MP-0544  
miR-20a-5p MP-0013 miR-92b-3p MP-0025 miR-128b-3p MP-0042 miR-150-5p MP-0059 miR-193a-5p MP-0547 miR-215-5p MP-0091 miR-372-3p MP-0104  

  • No Isotope required Safe method of detection using chemiluminescence.
    • No probe preparation Pre-labeled biotin probes included in each kit.
    • All components in one kitEverything needed to easily perform the assay is included.
    • Simple procedure No miRNA isolation required, total RNA can be used directly.

Highly Sensitive miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit NB-1001

Abundance of mammalian miRNAs varies dramatically in tissues. For example, expression of miR-133 is high in skeletal muscle, moderate in heart, and no detection in other tissues. To detect low expression of miRNAs requires high sensitive methods. Signosis’ highly sensitive miRNA northern blot assay is 10 to 100 times more sensitive than conventional biotin-based chemiluminescent detection.

To do the assay, you need the miRNA Northern Blot Assay Kit and probes for specific miRNAs.

List of miRNA probes available:

let-7a-5p(HS) HP-0001 miR-22-3p(HS) HP-0021 miR-99a-5p(HS) HP-0041 miR-135b-5p(HS) HP-0061 miR-181a-5p(HS) HP-0081 miR-198(HS) HP-0101 miR-223-3p(HS) HP-0121 miR-720(HS) HP-0141
let-7b-5p(HS) HP-0002 miR-23a-3p(HS) HP-0022 miR-100-5p(HS) HP-0042 miR-136-5p(HS) HP-0062 miR-181b-5p(HS) HP-0082 miR-199a-5p(HS) HP-0103 miR-224-5p(HS) HP-0122 miR-760(HS) HP-0142
let-7c-5p(HS) HP-0003 miR-24-3p(HS) HP-0023 miR-101-1-3p(HS) HP-0043 miR-137(HS) HP-0063 miR-181c-5p(HS) HP-0083 miR-199a*-3p(HS) HP-0102 miR-296-5p(HS) HP-0123 miR-4767(HS) HP-0143  
let-7d-5p(HS) HP-0004 miR-25-3p(HS) HP-0024 miR-103-3p(HS) HP-0044 miR-140-5p(HS) HP-0064 miR-181d-5p(HS) HP-0084 miR-199b-5p(HS) HP-0104 miR-329(HS) HP-0124  
let-7e-5p(HS) HP-0005 miR-26a-5p(HS) HP-0025 miR-106a-5p(HS) HP-0045 miR-141-3p(HS) HP-0065 miR-182-5p(HS) HP-0085 miR-200a-3p(HS) HP-0105 miR-337-3p(HS) HP-0125 U6(HS) HP-1001
let-7f-5p(HS) HP-0006 miR-27a-3p(HS) HP-0026 miR-106b-5p(HS) HP-0046 miR-142-3p(HS) HP-0066 miR-183-5p(HS) HP-0086 miR-200c-3p(HS) HP-0106 miR-338(HS) HP-0126 sno234(HS) HP-1002
let-7g-5p(HS) HP-0007 miR-28-5p(HS) HP-0027 miR-107(HS) HP-0047 miR-142-5p(HS) HP-0067 miR-184(HS) HP-0087 miR-202-5p(HS) HP-0107 miR-342-3p(HS) HP-00127 RNU48(HS) HP-1003
let-7i-5p(HS) HP-0008 miR-29a-3p(HS) HP-0028 miR-122a-5p(HS) HP-0048 miR-143-3p(HS) HP-0068 miR-185-5p(HS) HP-0088 miR-203a(HS) HP-0108 miR-345-5p(HS) HP-0128  
miR-1(HS) HP-0009 miR-29b-3p(HS) HP-0028 miR-124a-3p(HS) HP-0049 miR-144-3p(HS) HP-0069 miR-186-5p(HS) HP-0089 miR-204-5p(HS) HP-0109 mir-376c-3p(HS) HP-0129  
miR-7-5p(HS) HP-0010 miR-29c-3p(HS) HP-0030 miR-125a-5p(HS) HP-0050 miR-145-5p(HS) HP-0070 miR-188-5p(HS) HP-0090 miR-205-5p(HS) HP-0110 miR-369-3p(HS) HP-0130  
miR-9-5p(HS) HP-0011 miR-30a-3p(HS) HP-0031 miR-125b-5p(HS) HP-0051 miR-146a-5p(HS) HP-0071 miR-190-5p(HS) HP-0091 miR-206(HS) HP-0111 miR-369-5p(HS) HP-0130  
miR-10a-5p(HS) HP-0012 miR-30a-5p(HS) HP-0031 miR-126-3p(HS) HP-0052 miR-146b-5p(HS) HP-0072 miR-191-5p(HS) HP-0092 miR-210-3p(HS) HP-0112 miR-371-3p(HS) HP-0132  
miR-15a-5p(HS) HP-0013 miR-30b-5p(HS) HP-0033 miR-127-5p(HS) HP-0053 miR-148a-3p(HS) HP-0073 miR-192-5p(HS) HP-0093 miR-213 (miR-181a-3p)(HS) HP-0113 miR-372-3p(HS) HP-0133  
miR-16-5p(HS) HP-0014 miR-30c-5p(HS) HP-0034 miR-128a-3p(HS) HP-0054 miR-149-5p(HS) HP-0074 miR-193a-3p(HS) HP-0094 miR-214-3p(HS) HP-0114 miR-373-5p(HS) HP-0134  
miR-17-3p(HS) HP-0015 miR-31-5p(HS) HP-0035 miR-128b-3p(HS) HP-0055 miR-150-5p(HS) HP-0075 miR-193a-5p(HS) HP-0094 miR-215-5p(HS) HP-0115 miR-375(HS) HP-0135  
miR-17-5p(HS) HP-0016 miR-92-3p(HS) HP-0036 miR-131(HS) HP-0056 miR-151-3p(HS) HP-0076 miR-194-5p(HS) HP-0096 miR-216-5p(HS) HP-0116 miR-488-5p(HS) HP-0136  
miR-18a-5p(HS) HP-0017 miR-92b-3p(HS) HP-0037 miR-132-3p(HS) HP-0057 miR-153-3p(HS) HP-0077 miR-195-5p(HS) HP-0097 miR-218-5p(HS) HP-0117 miR-497-5p(HS) HP-0137  
miR-19a-3p(HS) HP-0018 miR-93-5p(HS) HP-0038 miR-133a-3p(HS) HP-0058 miR-152-3p(HS) HP-0078 miR-196a-5p(HS) HP-0098 miR-219(HS) HP-0118 miR-499-5p(HS) HP-0138  
miR-20a-5p(HS) HP-0019 miR-95-3p(HS) HP-0039 miR-133b(HS) HP-0059 miR-154-5p(HS) HP-0079 miR-196b-5p(HS) HP-0098 miR-221-3p(HS) HP-0119 miR-507(HS) HP-0139  
miR-21-5p(HS) HP-0020 miR-96-5p(HS) HP-0040 miR-134-5p(HS) HP-0060 miR-155-5p(HS) HP-0080 miR-197-3p(HS) HP-0100 miR-222-3p(HS) HP-0120 miR-609(HS) HP-0140  


  • No Isotope required Safe method of detection using chemiluminescence.
    • No probe preparation Pre-labeled biotin probes included in each kit.
    • All components in one kitEverything needed to easily perform the assay is included.
    • Simple procedure No miRNA isolation required, total RNA can be used directly.