siRNA Plate Assay Kit

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Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are double-stranded RNA molecules with approximately 20-25 nucleotides in length. Since synthetic siRNAs were shown to be able to induce RNAi in mammalian cells in 2001, siRNAs have drawn lots of attention in biomedical research and drug development. They have been widely used for silencing gene expression. To monitor the delivery and expression of siRNA is important to ensuring the success of the knockdown. Northern blot is a common approach to analyze the molecules. However, the assay is not sensitive and the procedure tedious. Signosis has developed a high sensitive siRNA plate assay. It is 1000 times more sensitive than Northern blot. In addition, the assay is just simple incubations, as simple as ELISA. More importantly, a large of samples can be analyzed simultaneously. Based on the sequence of a specific siRNA provided by you, Signosis will design and synthesize a set of oligos and provide an assay kit back to you.