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Gaussia Luciferase Reporter Cell Lines for Monitoring
TF Binding and Activation

Gene function analysis, target discovery and validation, assay development, and compound screening often need cell-based assays.  Stable cell lines that are engineered to express a gene of interest via transgene integrations into the host genome provide an efficient approach to conduct such analysis. 

At Signosis, we help researchers save time and labor in generating and validating stable cell lines so scientists can spend more effort on solving the big questions.  We offer a wide selection of validated luciferase reporter cell lines that measure transcription factor activity as a read-out for various signaling pathways.


TF luciferase reporter stable cell line utilizes artificial promoter constructs to drive luciferase expression.  The promoter region can consists of multiple repeats of a cis-element TF binding site, a DNA fragment from the promoter region of a known TF downstream gene, or a DNA fragment containing putative/known TF binding sites.  There are several ways that a TF can be activated, such as through extracellular stimuli or through intracellular signaling pathways.  Once activated, the TF translocates to the nucleus and often interacts with relevant co-factors to drive Gaussia Luciferase gene expression.  

The Gaussia Luciferase is a gene from the copepod Gaussia princeps, which is a small, naturally secreted luciferase of approximately 20kDa. This luciferase is naturally secreted from the cells, which allows for the measurement of reporter activity in the media without harming the cells. 

Gaussia luciferase requires a coelenterazine-based luciferase substrate for reading and should not be used with firefly luciferase substrate.


High Sensitivity & Responsiveness

Each cell line is validated to induce a strong reporter signal in response to stimuli, and is highly responsive to our Gaussia Luciferase Substrate.



Cell line can be used for experiments right away to study different signaling pathways.

Naturally Secreted Luciferase

Gaussia Luciferase is naturally secreted from the cells. This also means readings can be taken without killing or lysing the cells.

Routine Mycoplasma Testing

All cell lines tested negative for mycoplasma.


TF reporter construct is stably integrated into the genome to avoid experimental/cell-to-cell variations.

We offer our own 1 step Gaussia Luciferase Substrate that is simple and easy to use while being comparable to our competitor's substrates in price.

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