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JAK2 Mutants Stable Cell Lines

Tyrosine Kinases

Gene function analysis, target discovery and validation, assay development, and compound screening often need cell-based assays.  Stable cell lines that are engineered to express a gene of interest via transgene integrations into the host genome provide an efficient approach to conduct such analysis. 

At Signosis, we help researchers save time and labor in generating and validating stable cell lines so scientists can spend more effort on solving the big questions.  We offer a wide selection of validated luciferase reporter cell lines that measure transcription factor activity as a read-out for various signaling pathways.


The cell line was generated with expression vector in combined with hygromycin resistant and or puromycin resistant as well as GFP expression into BaF3 cells, and the single clones have been selected with hygromycin treatment, GFP expression. The positive clone has been confirmed with PCR-sequencing and Western blot with anti-JAK antibody.



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