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TF Luciferase Vectors

Measure TF activation in cells. 100+ vectors are available. We also provide custom service to create a vector for any unlisted TFs.


pTF-Luc reporter vectors are a series of firefly luciferase-based reporter constructs for quantitative measurement of the activities of transcription factors (TFs) in cells. Each vector contains a cis-element (DNA binding sequence), a minimal promoter, and firefly luciferase gene. When a TF is activated, it binds to cis-element and results in induction of luciferase gene expression. Therefore, luciferase activity represents the activity of the TF.


The Luciferase Reporter Vectors have been specially constructed to report the binding activity of a single TF. Multiple copies (at least four) of the cis-acting enhancer element have been inserted into each vector upstream of a minimal TA promoter. Upon vector transfection and cell stimulation, the activated TF is bound to the enhancer element and initiate the transcription of downstream luciferase reporter gene. The chemiluminescent measurement of luciferase activity is proportional to the amount of expressed enzyme and thus the binding activity of the targeted TF.


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