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miRNA Northern Blot Assays

The assay kits are non-radioactive with all reagents included, and the probes are biotin pre-labeled. Signosis also provides the Highly Sensitive Northern Blot Assay kits, which are 100 times more sensitive than conventional chemiluminescent detection.


RNA samples are separated through gel electrophoresis and transferred onto a membrane. Expression of a specific miRNA is detected with a biotin-labeled probe. This regular Northern blot assay is suitable to most moderate to high expressors of miRNA. High sensitive Northern blot (NB-1001 and HP-XXXX) is needed to analyze low expressors of miRNA. The biotin-labeled probes contain two moieties – complementary sequence of the miRNA and a tag sequence. The tag sequence is then detected by an amplifier enriched with biotin molecules.


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