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Stable Cell Lines

Gene function analysis, target discovery and validation, assay development, and compound screening often need cell-based assays. Stable cell lines that are engineered to express a gene of interest via transgene integrations into the host genome provide an efficient approach to conduct such analysis. However, because establishment of such cell lines are tedious in procedures, time-consuming in development process, and expensive in terms of labor, reagents, and materials, as well as post-transfection validation of individual clones, it is always debatable whether is worthy of developing such stable cell lines in individual laboratories.  

Signosis now provides a series of gene expression- or luciferase reporter-ready stable cell lines in order to facilitate the studies.

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Molecular Applications

Cell engineering for Specific Applications

Stable cell lines can be engineered for specific applications, such as biosensors or biocatalysts, allowing for the development of novel biotechnological tools.

Drug Discovery and Development

Stable cell lines can be used to screen for potential drug candidates and study the molecular mechanisms of drug action. They can also be used to study drug targets or transporters.

Investigating Gene Function and Signaling Pathways

Stable cell lines can be used to study the effects of genetic mutations and changes in gene expression on cell behavior. They can also be engineered to express genes that regulate specific signaling pathways.

Modeling Human Diseases

Stable cell lines can be used to create models for human diseases, such as cancer or genetic disorders, allowing researchers to study disease mechanisms and develop new treatments.

Studying Viral Infection and Replication

Stable cell lines can be used to study the mechanisms of viral infection and replication, and to develop new antiviral therapies.

Developing Vaccines and Immunotherapies

Stable cell lines can be engineered to produce antigens for vaccines and immunotherapies, allowing for large-scale production of these important medical interventions.

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Signosis possesses exemplary stable cell development to efficiently leverage multiplex solutions to foster and empower innovative research to further precision health. 

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