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Signosis and Stratech Join Forces to Develop Advanced Tools for Studying Chemokines and Inflammation

Signosis is proud to announce its research partnership with Stratech, leveraging STV Magnetic Beads, to develop advanced tools for the study of chemokines and their role in inflammation. Our cutting-edge technology, including the Human Neuroinflammation ELISA Strip (Colorimetric) and Rat Inflammation ELISA Strip for Profiling 8 Cytokines, allows for the accurate and sensitive detection of chemokines in biological samples.

Chemokines play a critical role in the recruitment of leukocyte subsets under both homeostatic and pathological conditions. By inducing directed chemotaxis in nearby responsive cells, chemokines can influence the movement of targeted cells to their destination. This is achieved through the interaction of chemokines with specific receptors expressed on the cell surface, which can induce firm adhesion of targeted cells to the endothelium.

Our protein standards and handling protocols ensure the reproducibility and accuracy of your data, allowing for confident interpretation of your results. With Signosis as your research partner, you can be confident in the quality and reliability of your research in the field of chemokines and inflammation.

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